I'm Luísa Pato, a small Olive Oil, Vinegar, Raspberry and Blueberry grower from Bairrada region.

I have started this adventure in 2013 challenged by my family,  as during my childhood I remember in our dinner table to use the olive oil we produce from our ancient olive trees, which used to limit the vineyards path and that always lead to long debates in relation to the harmony between the wines my family produce and the olive oil from our region.

The challenge was to use our sandy and clayed soil with Atlantic influences were we have our olive trees from Galega variety that are indigenous to our region and produce an olive oil which capture this terroir and could dignify our region by respecting old methods of cultivation with new technologies on the olive oil processing in which our trees have "room to grow freely" and the olives are handpicked and carefully transported to our cold press mill from which we extract the olive oil which allow us to keep it with a strong body and the freshness similar to our great wines.