Extra virgin olive oil from Bairrada

Beginning of activity in 2013.                                                   BEST GALEGA 89ponts by EVOO2020

Our centenary olive trees of Galega variety are located in the heart of Bairrada on the border from my family vineyards with an Atlantic climate influence which provides freshness and salinity  

The plantation is without irrigation, and there's a perfect association between the olive trees and the vineyards keeping the pollinating bees close by.

Harvesting takes place when the olives are half ripe and half green, thus contributing to an oil with an intense nose of leaves and fruit, in the mouth marked by green leaves, a slight bitterness due to the high presence of polyphenols and a persistent finish.

It is carefully harvested by hand and transformed into the cold extraction press in less than 24 hours in olive oil.

Finally, the oil is packaged in a porcelain bottle produced in Ílhavo and in a glass bottle.

What I want is for you to enjoy my raw oil, simply poured on a plate with good bread ... or dressing a good fish dish or pairing with a good goat cheese.

Olive oil in addition to deeply hydrating the skin also manages to revitalize your tissues and delay the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of age.

Raspberry Vinegar

As a producer of organic raspberries in Quinta do Ribeirinho, from where one of the best Baga wines from Bairrada region are produced, I had the idea of producing a wine vinegar from the old wine barrels from my grandmother Té...which turn to vinegar over the decades and adding my organic raspberries in order to flavour Baga grape vinegar...

I hope you enjoy it as I merely used my grandmother advice...
"Make good vinegar always from the best wines"